In addition to the help from the many professionals that volunteer and contribute financially, we also realize the importance of youth, both to the mission, and to cultivate a sustainable passion for service. 

Canvasback has worked for 30 years to understand and fine-tune a Christian model of service in Micronesia. For our organization, this means empowering communities, working in true partnership, and performing services that are both culturally respectful and sustainable, as part of a larger mission to create healthy, vibrant communities all around the world. Of course, these principles apply beyond Micronesia, and we hope to see them implemented in all areas of community development, service, and charity work, by people of all kinds of professions.

As a step in that direction, Canvasback has created a unique mission trip for college students which offered them an opportunity to assist in our program while also going through a rigorous on-the-ground education experience looking at culture, social change, and faith.

Our Youth Extreme trips are intentional in several areas: 

  • We select participants who have experience and education that is relevant to our work, such as health, nutrition, and business, so that they can provide meaningful assistance to the community.
  • Programs are created and done to supplement current community projects to reduce overlap of resources and encourage collaboration. 
  • Participants meet and talk with local organizations, community leaders, government officials, and faith leaders to better understand the cultural and historical context around them, as well as to discuss important issues faced by the local community, such as climate change, women’s issues, and youth empowerment. Through these discussions, participants learn how to make innovative and important programs for their own communities.

View our most recent Service Curriculum used on these trips. 

If you have a group of undergraduate or graduate students interested in a similar experience, feel free to contact us about how to get involved.

If you have been on any of our trips in the past, we'd love to hear your stories! Please email us at, or fill out a form on our contact page