The canvasback timeline

Inspired by the people they met during their 7-year journey around the Pacific, Jacque and Jamie Spence vowed to address the lack of healthcare available in Micronesia.


In 1981, they began construction of a 71-foot aluminum vessel—the Canvasback—one of the world’s largest sailing catamarans, which they dreamed would ferry doctors around the Micronesian islands.


It took hundreds of volunteers and donations from local businesses to realize their vision.


The Canvasback launched on June 16, 1986, after which it carried medical professionals and seamen who believed in a better life for the islands.


Canvasback’s doctors ended years of pain, provided care to people who had never had medical treatment, and established community health centers on different islands.


In 1998, the mission outgrew the catamaran, which was sold to fund even more healthcare programs. The ship is gone, but the mission of hope and healing has only grown.