Our programs

Canvasback strives to provide programs and services that are most needed by each region we work in. We work with local individuals and organizations to ensure that our programs are fitting a real need, and are culturally appropriate. We only bring specialty teams when requested by the respective communities. We try to provide a variety of services so that as many people as possible have access to the resources and knowledge to take care of their health. 

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You will change the lives of the dear children... and the men and women of Micronesia with your gifts of love. Please give today. Without your help, this life-saving work cannot continue!

Senator Shelton Neth tells the story of what happened when the Canvasback Dental Super Team fixed his teeth. (L to R: Jacque Spence, Shelton Neth and Dr. Dave Kanas)

Patrick Phillip had a bad break - the team from Canvasback helped him and others with free medical care.

The work Canvasback's volunteers perform covers almost every corner of healthcare and wellness. Click the links below to find out more.

THE ISSUES: The islands suffer from lack of health education and specialty healthcare, impacting thousands. Learn more.

OUR SOLUTIONS: We strive to provide the people of the Pacific with tools so that they can live healthy, sustainable lives. Learn more! 

WAYS TO HELP: Canvasback’s vital work would not be possible without generous contributions from people like you. Learn how you can help!