Our programs

Canvasback strives to provide programs and services that are most needed by each region we work in. We work with local individuals and organizations to ensure that our programs are fitting a real need, and are culturally appropriate. We only bring specialty teams when requested by the respective communities. We try to provide a variety of services so that as many people as possible have access to the resources and knowledge to take care of their health. 

Learn more about each of our programs below: 

Our Wellness Center on the island of Majuro teaches people how to defeat and prevent diabetes and other non-communicable diseases through cooking, gardening, and exercise classes. LEARN MORE

At the request of respective island communities, we bring specialty surgery teams to Micronesia to address issues that would otherwise go untreated. LEARN MORE

Sometimes, special projects are brought to our attention, and with our resources, we're able to lend a hand. LEARN MORE

We take groups of youth (high school to university) to the Marshall Islands to learn about its history, culture, and the incredible things that are happening there today. LEARN MORE


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