Can You Give Us A Lift?


Latest OnBoard Glides In, 3-Vehicle Search Launches

Take a vicarious voyage with Canvasback: Our latest OnBoard celebrates an ancient Marshall Islands art form, sees through the eyes of a first-time medical volunteer, and highlights the work of our Wellness Center on Majuro. Read more

If you meanwhile navigate from behind a steering wheel, consider donating to our 3-Vehicle Search--not to be confused with our ongoing solicitation of donated cars and trucks that we sell to raise funds.This search is for three “keepers” to help us carry out our mission work: a small pick-up truck, a passenger van, and a large vehicle with carrying capacity.

Imagine your donated pick-up truck on the island of Majuro, pulling a food trailer, carrying healthy, subsidized foods to islanders, expanding the diabetes prevention work of the Canvasback Wellness Center. Your donated passenger van will also serve on Majuro, carrying the volunteer medical teams to island destinations. We find that the volunteers get plenty of other opportunities to experience discomfort during a mission without a 24-person team and all their gear being forced to squish into a 12-seater van, as is now the case.

Lastly, in Benicia, your donated vehicle with carrying capacity would become our work-horse, carrying supplies back and forth between the warehouse and the office, and also transporting mission volunteers and their luggage to the airport. The dear old truck serving that role is now in serious mechanical decline, and can no longer be safely driven on the freeway.

Can you, or someone you know, help Canvasback with a used, but well-maintained vehicle? Your donation will provide a lift to many selfless, hard-working people, while accelerating our efforts to relieve suffering in Micronesia.

To learn more or to make a vehicle donation, please contact Sterling Spence at (707) 746-7828, or