Wellness Center to Use Earth-Friendly Takeout Containers

The after effects of a king tide. PC:  Responding to Climate Change

The after effects of a king tide. PC: Responding to Climate Change

In an environment of rising tides, warming oceans, and increasing waste, we realize the importance of caring for the delicate ecosystems around us. This is especially true at our Wellness Center in Majuro, where the effects of climate change can be seen firsthand throughout the Marshall Islands. Large tidal waves, also known as king tides, are increasingly prevalent, sweeping water over the narrow island strip, often depositing piles of waste in their wake.

What then can be done? Many of the islands of the Pacific feel that “they suffer a great deal from the phenomenon while contributing the least to the problem.” Compared to larger nations like the US or China, the carbon footprint of Pacific island nations is very small.

But despite this, we know that every individual and organization can make a difference by doing their part to care for the environment and encourage others to do the same. This is why our Wellness Center in Majuro is beginning its switch to using recycled, biodegradable food containers instead of Styrofoam.

Over 1500 patrons healthy meals are served at our demonstration kitchen per month, and many of these meals are taken to-go so they can be enjoyed elsewhere. This switch will reduce our contribution to Majuro's landfill, and we hope that it will also open up earth-friendly options for other businesses. 

We are so pleased that the companies Eco Products and World Centric have helped us to begin this switch through their generous donations of recycled food containers, which have already been big hits with our staff and patrons alike. We realize that much more can be done to improve the sustainability of our practices and that of the Marshall Islands, but we believe that this is an important first step to effecting change.

Thank you so much, Eco Products and World Centric for your generosity and taking part in making a difference in the Marshall Islands!