Canvasback Video Featured on National Television!

During our February gynecology mission to Majuro, Canvasback's Project Development Manager Jaylene Chung shared our "See the Beauty" video with some Marshallese government officials.

The video, if you haven't seen it, is less than two minutes long. It's simple, merely a song and brief audio clips from an interview laid over everyday scenes from Majuro.

It doesn't ask for donations. It doesn't even explain what Canvasback does.

Instead, it's entire purpose is to share a feeling. We want viewers to see and feel what we do when we work in the Marshall Islands: pride in working in an area and with people who are wholly beautiful.

Apparently, it works. The government officials were excited to see the feelings they have about their country displayed so succinctly. They were so proud that they're showing it, periodically, on national TV!

We're excited to make national TV, but we're even happier to have created a video we feel to be honest and positive.

View it here:

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