A Mission Made Possible

Running specialty medical teams and diabetes programs across the Micronesian countries is no small task. Not only does a time difference make communication difficult, but the size of these countries—Palau, the Marshalls, and the Federated States of Micronesia—makes shipping and transportation a challenge.

Every year, Canvasback Missions receives incredibly generous support from three shipping companies. Matson; Triple J Enterprises, Inc.; and Kyowa Shipping Co., Ltd. continue to donate precious shipping services to Canvasback Missions and the Wellness Center on Majuro, enabling us to make the most of donor money to perform more life-changing surgeries and diabetes and lifestyle education to even more people. Because of them, thousands of lives are improved every year.

Canvasback gives a big kommol tata to Matson, Triple J, and Kyowa for giving back to the communities they serve.