Fun and Health: Wellness Center Hosts its Second Annual Chili Soup Competition

At the end of 2014, our Wellness Center held its second annual Chili-Soup Competition. Sponsored by the US Embassy on Majuro, the competition enjoyed participation from 5 local schools, each with a team of 4-6 students and 2 adult chefs.

The competition, which promoted the use of local foods to make high fiber, healthy foods, took place at the Wellness Center. The four judges consisted of the Majuro police chief and an ambassador each from Taiwan, the United States, and Japan. Here are the categories they judged, as well as the winners from each:

  • Judge's Favorite: Marshall Islands High School
  • Most Fiber: COOP Middle School
  • Flavorful and Unique Use of Local Product: Rita Elementary
  • Most Creative: Laura Middle School
  • Teamwork Special Award: Assumption High School

Canvasback Wellness Center's Assistant Regional Director, Becky House, RD led the competition. Few people dislike food competitions, which is why we chose this as a medium to show that a healthy diet can be enjoyable. This competition also works with a crucial demographic—youth—in order to educate them on healthful eating at an early age.

As always, we appreciate the international and local communities coming together to join the Wellness Center in its work to promote a healthy lifestyle. We also thank the US Embassy for their monetary support of the competition.

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