Relax with a Taste of Majuro!

This article was first published in our OnBoard Magazine. Click here to see the original.

When we send our medical teams out to the islands, one of our very favorite places to go is Majuro. It’s always great to see our staff at the Diabetes Wellness Center and to eat their incredible cooking. After a long shift at the hospital, there’s always a cold coconut for our volunteers and, if they’ve been especially good, an island-famous frozen, chocolate-covered banana. It’s one of the things we crave when we return stateside. If you’ve ever been to Majuro and have the same craving, or if you’d like to get a taste of island life, give this recipe a try. The best part? It’s healthy, too!

What You Need:

• 6 Bananas
• Toasted Almonds
• 6 Skewers or Popsicle Sticks
• 24 oz Dark Chocolate Chips
• Wax Paper

These treats are deliciously simple.
• Cut your banana in half to create a flat end.
• Insert the skewers into the flat end.
• In a small saucepan, melt the chocolate chips until smooth.
• Dip the bananas into the chocolate. (You may need to use a spoon to make a nice, thick coating.)
• Chop almonds into small chunks.
• Roll bananas in chopped almonds.
• Put a layer of wax paper onto a cookie pan and place bananas on top.
• Pop ‘em in the freezer and wait.
Let them freeze for about 6 hours, then enjoy!