2014 Missionary Reunion Report

Our 2014 Missionary Reunion was a success. For those of you who couldn't make it and don't know what a "successful" biennial meeting is, we'll share our criteria. We ask three questions, each of which must be answered with a "yes" to equal success: 1. Was it fun? 2. Did business happen? 3. Was it spiritually uplifting?


Luckily, we were able to combine work and play all weekend. The Coyote Bandits performed three times, singing songs of justice that resonate with Canvasback's work in Micronesia. Every single presentation—whether on a story or about an idea—was dynamic and heartfelt, and we were lucky to have people come from as far as Canada and the Marshall Islands to share. The guided educational tour at the San Diego Zoo was phenomenal, and the city's atmosphere is great for getting work done.

On the business side of the reunion, the Board of Directors' meetings were fruitful. Two new Board members were elected, and many important positions were appointed.


The members of the Board are now:

  • William MacLean, PA, Chairman
  • Anne Anholm, MD
  • James Bainer, MD
  • Franklin House, MD
  • Ronald C. Evans, MD
  • James Reese, MD
  • Jacque Spence
  • Jamie Spence

The members of the new Medical Committee and Health Education Sub-committee are:

  • Robert Blue, MD, Chairman
  • Brenda Davis, Chairman of Health Education Subcommittee
  • Deborah Bainer, RN
  • Mitchell Brinks, MD
  • Karen Henderson, MD
  • Richard Henderson, MD
  • Robert Hewes, MD
  • Rebecca House, RD
  • Jeffrey Ing, MD
  • Amy MagBanua, RN
  • Sally Mellgren, MD
  • Steve Peterson, MD
  • Susan Price, PhD
  • Charles Stewart, MD
  • Tom Stewart, MD
  • Robert Wells, MD
  • Susan Wells

Newly appointed to the Dental Committee:

  • Harry Chambers, DDS, Chairman
  • Steve Chang, DDS
  • Milford Anholm, DDS
  • Adrian Fenderson, DDS

Newly appointed to the Chaplaincy Committee:

  • Harold Eslinger, Chairman
  • Ray House, DMin

In addition to these important appointments, a number of financial and legal documents were approved by the Board. At one point, the Advisory Council joined the Board to hear and approve a number of projects and grants. Some of these include expanding the Wellness Center's work, using new methods to enhance health and livelihood, sending more specialty teams than ever before, publishing a years-long health study, and beginning new projects in the Federated States of Micronesia. This meeting was a crossroads for the future of Canvasback Missions. The ideas and expertise that the Members shared made the Board of Directors confident in their decisions.

And, at every moment, new relationships were formed, and old ones were fostered.