A Door Slammed, A Window Opened

A ton and a half of medical supplies crated and shipped from our Benicia warehouse spent last night sitting on the dock in Guam. Trouble is that the Obstetrics - Gynecology surgery team the supplies are meant for, is in the air to Majuro but their supplies are 2000 miles away.

Fortuitously or providentially, there is a seldom scheduled cargo plane leaving Guam today for Majuro. We're praying and paying ($3,700) those supplies onto that airplane!

The shipment was due in Majuro two weeks ago but Customs was in no hurry. They didn't clear it in time to catch the ship and the next ship isn't until March.

Canvasback's Prayer Warriors are praying us through this crisis and we are trusting that the funds will be raised to pay for the shipment. Perhaps they will come from viewers like you.

Would you like to join our little circle of prayer? We are a group of about 50 who pray for each other and hold up the ministries of Canvasback in daily prayer. You can sign up here.

Jamie Spence
President and Founder


Followup Note: Those supplies made it onto the plane, and the team was able to do their work without any delay, and with all they needed! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.