Doubling $18,000 in Two Weeks!

During our recent (November and December) annual phone-a-thon fundraiser, we challenged ourselves to a matching gift campaign. Here’s how it worked. Jamie, our President, spoke with our board of directors and got them to donate $18,000 to Canvasback. But this donation had one condition—our staff first had to raise that amount in 2 weeks. If we didn’t meet that goal, we wouldn’t get the board’s additional contribution.

The purpose of this matching gift campaign was twofold: to double the money we could fundraise in a couple weeks and to show both the board and our other donors that we put our money where our mouths are. We were confident the wider Canvasback family would see the value and meet the challenge—and we were right!

In just one week, we raised the necessary $18,000 to get the board’s matching grant.

While the money itself is exciting, it’s more exciting to know how it will be used—to further diabetes and surgical programs in Micronesia to reach even more people. Those who raised their usual gift to the mission in order to help us meet our goal saw more than dollar signs; they had the vision to see the people whose lives would be changed because of a knee replacement, the ability to see again, or freedom from the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

You've impressed us. The entire office staff can't thank you enough for doing so. And in case you're on the fence about donating, we encourage you to consider the high impact every donated dollar has on others when combined with medical volunteers and a grand vision of health for Micronesia.

If you'd like more information on how to get involved, visit our volunteer or donation pages.