Pastor Edwards' Mind and Body Restored in Wellness Class

Canvasback Wellness Feature

Pastor Edwards was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1995. He didn't really feel its effects at the time, so he continued his lifestyle. He drank three or four sodas per day and ate corned beef, white rice, and treats of candy or ice cream. He had never eaten beans, and local produce—breadfruit and banana—were rarely found on his plate.

He started the 10-day Wellness program with a blood sugar level of 364. At the end of the class, he'd lowered it to only 170! Edwards is most excited about how this makes him feel. He has no more back and shoulder pain, his night sweats have stopped, and he has a clearer mind and memory.

Pastor Edwards wants to drop his blood sugar level even lower, to under 125. To do so, he has cut out soda, sweets, and corned beef from his diet. He replaced these with beans and greens. He is also upping his daily walk from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and he'll continue to eat high fiber foods and drink plenty of water.

Pastor Edwards is only one smiling example of the drastic change a little bit of health education can have on a population!

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