Calvin Halves his Blood Sugar Level at the Wellness Center

Canvasback Wellness Feature 

Calvin, who lives on Majuro, had a fasting blood sugar level of over 350—more than twice the healthy level, according to the American Diabetes Association. But at the end of the 10-day Wellness Center diabetes reversal class, he’d brought it down to just 173!

It was quite an effort to get to that point. “I was drinking three Cokes and eating white rice, ramen, and Spam on a daily basis," Calvin said. "Now I’ve replaced these diabetes-causing foods with water, brown rice, beans, and barley."

Although it was a lot of work, Calvin can feel the difference. He has regular bowel movements, restful sleep, and his eyesight is improving—even the black spots of retinopathy on the back of his eyes have disappeared!

Calvin was one of 18 people who finished this latest diabetes reversal class. All of the graduates are church and community leaders, and they are now equipped to host their own seminars. With this method—training leaders to teach others—we are using the power of community to educate and help greater amounts of people than ever.

One of the greatest benefits is that the results from these classes are both immediate—as we see with the changes in Calvin after only 10 days—and long-term. Together, we will reverse the epidemic of diabetes in the Marshall Islands!

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