Ann Changes Lifestyle, Becomes Advocate for Wellness

Canvasback Wellness Feature

Ann came to Wellness suffering from a dangerously high blood sugar level: over 300. Before the program, she would wake up hungry during the night. Her left foot hurt, and her eyesight was blurry. She was eating white rice, white bread, and meat. And she loved sugary drinks: Kool-Aid, punch, hot cocoa, and Mountain Dew.

After going through the high fiber, low sugar Wellness center diet for 10 days, Ann has seen the improvement a different diet can make. She safely lost 14 pounds and dropped her blood sugar level to 102! 

The change is drastic and leaves Ann feeling good. “I feel happy now,” she said. “My stomach is soft; before, it was hard. Now I have more energy, clearer vision, and no more pain.” 

Ann has decided to stick to this regimen of healthy eating and daily exercise. “No more sugary drinks, no more meat, white flour, or white rice,” she said. “Now it’s water, beans, oats, barley, brown rice, and vegetables with fruit.” 

Since she’s felt the change in health for herself, Ann is now an advocate for Wellness: “I want to tell my people, ‘Don’t make the mistakes I did. Eat beans and greens every day.’”

In just a couple weeks, Canvasback Wellness can lead people to healthier, longer lives. As Ann said, “The people don’t know why they are dying. We need to tell them how to stop it.” With your help, we are doing just that.

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