An Open Letter of Thanks for a Record Year

This was a record year for Canvasback Missions. We sent 11 specialty teams to the Marshall Islands to see patients, change lives through medical procedures, and train hospital staff in the latest medical work. To staff these teams, we sent 78 volunteers across the Pacific Ocean, where they examined 2,748 patients and performed 323 surgeries and 2,874 other procedures. The value of services Canvasback provided in 2014 is over $5 million.

But none of this would have been possible without a number of groups and individuals. Foremost, we would like to thank the Marshall Islands Ministry of Health for running an incredible health program in 2014. The mission is lucky to have such an ally, and the Marshall Islands is fortunate to have officials who work so hard for the people.

Through countless meetings, multiple health assessments, and hours of legwork, the Ministry of Health worked with Canvasback to arrange the following specialty teams to work on Majuro and Ebeye in 2014: two diabetes wellness teams, one ophthalmology team, three dental teams, one gynecology team, one ultrasound training team, one urology team, and one ENT team.

In addition to performing surgeries, the teams also provided training and left supplies and equipment behind, enabling additional care and procedures to continue after they leave.

The life-changing service the Ministry-requested teams provided include facial reconstruction, knee and hip replacements, cataract surgeries, gynecology procedures, and hearing restoration.

We thank Philip Muller, Minister of Health, for his overall vision for the health of the Marshall Islands.

We would like to publicly commend Julia Alfred, Secretary of Health, and Mailynn Kanelious-Lang, Assistant Secretary of Health, for working closely with our specialty teams onsite at the hospitals to ensure top-quality care for patients. These two are driven by a powerful vision for the Marshalls. We would also like to thank Glorine Jeadrik and Abon Jeadrik at the Ebeye Hospital for their strong leadership.

Canvasback also thanks Dr. Kennar Briand for his hard work coordinating hospital staff to make specialty teams at Majuro Hospital possible. All of the hospital staff deserve gratitude for working overtime to see and treat countless patients.

We thank Triple J Enterprises, Inc. and Matson, Inc. for donating their services by shipping medical equipment to Majuro and Ebeye, saving Canvasback and the Ministry of Health tens of thousands of dollars, which could then be used to help even more people.

Lastly, we would like to thank the many other individuals who worked to make these teams and trips a reality. These include the Majuro and Ebeye hospital staff as well as all of the volunteers who gave their time and services to serve on our specialty teams.

We look forward to another incredible year of service with all of you in 2015.

If you'd like more information on how to get involved, visit our volunteer or donation pages.