Canvasback Camera Campaign

Camera Campaign 01.jpg

Did you get a new camera for Christmas? Are you eyeing that new Nikon or Canon with the fancy dinglehoppers? If so, what will you do with that still-functional, but unused model?

Canvasback Missions would like to up its game; we want updated digital photography equipment to keep up with rising media standards, but we don’t want to pay for it. Why? It’s because we’d like to keep as much funding as possible devoted to our medical and diabetes programs.

The tech sector changes so quickly that we figure many of you have digital cameras that you may not use anymore. We want to rescue all of those cameras that sit, lonely, under a fine layer of beige dust on the top shelves of your walk-in closets.

If you have professional or semi-professional digital cameras in good condition, send them to us. We will carry them across the Pacific to capture and share—via high-quality photos and videos—the life-changing work Canvasback Missions takes part in.

We are accepting any DSLRs or SLR-like cameras and accompanying equipment, such as compatible lenses, bags, SD cards, cables, or flash units.

If you would like to take part, ship your equipment to our home office in Benicia (940 Adams St. Suite R, Benicia, CA 94510). We will send you back a tax-deductible donation receipt and a personalized, hand-written haiku.