Before You Call, I Will Answer

"Jacque, there’s been a terrible accident!"

Pohnpei is a tiny tropical island about 5000 miles west of mainland USA. This island is one of the places in the North Pacific where Canvasback Missions gives medical services, almost every year. On the trip planned for Sept. 3-18, 2010, no one could have guessed that such a lesson in God’s providence awaited all of us, especially for a couple of young ladies volunteering as student missionary teachers.

Let Jacque tell the story: "We went to the hospital to unpack our supplies and equipment. As soon as we got there, a lady from the SDA school rushed up to me, 'Jacque, there's been a terrible accident! The SMs (volunteer student missionary teachers) were going to the waterfall in the back of the pickup truck. The side rail opened and three of the girls fell out. One of them is in the emergency room. We need your help!'

I went to the emergency room to see a very scared young lady with a brace around her neck, severe lacerations on her forehead, and abrasions all over her body. The island doctor had hastily stitched her forehead with heavy suture that was bound to leave scars and a lot of track marks. The wound had not been adequately irrigated.

I immediately went to get our Canvasback ENT surgeons. One of them, thanks to God’s all-knowing guiding hand, was an experienced facial plastic surgeon! Dr. John Kim got right to work. First he flushed out the dirt in her wounds. And then he patiently and carefully stitched up the lacerations. It took about an hour and a half.

Then we went back to the hotel. Just as we were about to leave to tour the island, the school principal called. There was another girl that had fallen out of the truck. She had been taken to the private clinic and released. Would we please look at her too?

We went back to the hospital — This girl’s injuries weren't as extensive, but the suturing job wasn't up to our standards. So, Dr. Kim spent another hour cleaning out the wounds of the second teacher and re-suturing her face.

Think about how amazing this all was! We couldn't have known and planned in advance how much a specialist like Dr. Kim would be needed on the remote island of Pohnpei when this emergency arose. But God knew! He is so good! He has an answer even before we know we have a need!" We thank Him and praise Him, as I’m sure the young teachers are also doing.