Impressions of Returning Canvasback Caregivers

EBEYE and YAP, 2010

When our volunteers return from a mission trip, they fill out an evaluation, so that their experience can help us improve the ongoing ministry of Canvasback. Here are some of the comments voiced by the members of our ophthalmology/orthopedic team who served on Ebeye in February, 2010 and our orthopedic/youth team that served on Yap in March, 2010. They share how serving others have impacted their lives. The medical and youth mission trips were full of wonderful blessings and life-changing experiences. The following statements are just examples of some of their impressions:

Debbie Gundlach, RN: “Going on missions is an experience that regenerates my heart and my nursing career. It is a rewarding experience to step out of the box of medicine that has become so politically driven in the U.S. and just treat patients with care and love. The blessings I came home with were abundant.”

Doug Stowers, student: “... hearing my friends share their love for Jesus”

David Baker, Zimmer representative: “I realized how much I have and how little others do, yet they are happy in life and do well with their surroundings.”

Chris Howell, Chairman Youth Committee: “It [this mission to Yap] has grown me spiritually as I witnessed miracles through answered prayers.”

Alex Archibald, OD: “The mission has given a renewed perspective on how blessed I am. …some of our patients got together to sing and say thank you. I felt the spirit of Christ very strongly during that ceremony which has made a lasting impression on me.”

Shawn Apperson, RN: “I think I returned home with greater compassion for people and a greater appreciation for all that we have—medical care, healthy food, clean water etc. Jesus is Lord of the whole earth and each person is precious to Him. He can accomplish anything He wants but chooses to use us (as imperfect as we are) to be His hands and His feet. I Love Jesus More!”

Kevin Gustafson, engineer: “Nothing compares to looking into the eyes of good people who need help and at the very least being part of a group of people who can help them in some way. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Julia Gustafson, PA: “This mission has changed me in a positive way. I felt a lot closer to God and felt joy and humbleness in doing His work. I was so happy to be able to contribute.”

Kay Henderson, MD: “I appreciated times of morning worship with the team. I was refreshed and renewed to be of service in a totally different part of the world. . . I was privileged also to go to four small clinics located in the villages, and this was really incredible. I saw many children with very serious illnesses - rheumatic fever, congenital heart disease, malnutrition, developmentally delayed children and severe injuries. I was able to help with recommendations for definitive care and medication adjustments.”

Iris Chung, MD: “The highlight was the fact we were able to do 192 cases and also the genuine thank you's from the people . . . I really enjoyed the early morning devotions.”

Linda Wat-Jacobson, MD: “This trip was different from my 6 other medical trips because we had daily worship and the successes of our trips were due to turning everything over to God. It was not my hands but God’s hands who performed the every day miracles and made sure the equipment was always working when needed.”