Thanks to Alcon, by Dr. Jeff Ing


I have used a lot of phaco (Phacoemulsfication) machines* over the last fifteen years --most of the machines have been made by Alcon. The current Alcon model at our surgery center is the "Infiniti" with the latest fluidics package and the OZil torsional handpiece.** (OZil is the trademarked brand name for Alcon's torsional handpiece.) 

When I went on our trip to Pohnpei, we were privileged to try a new machine which Alcon donated to Canvasback. The "Laureate" is a machine that is used in Europe and internationally. Because it does not carry the OZil feature (rotational ultrasound), at first I was skeptical as to whether it would perform on extremely dense cataracts. However, after performing surgery on 30+ cases including some very dense cataracts, I was very impressed with this machine’s capabilities. It has excellent fluidics and great cutting power. The corneas were amazingly clear on post-op day one, and there were no cases of wound burn.

It was a real pleasure working with Kevin Creed and his staff. Alcon has donated the "Laureate" machine several hand pieces and enough kits to provide more than 100 surgeries. We thank Alcon for their commitment to helping mission endeavors like our trip to help the people of Pohnpei.

* Phaco machine = Machine used in removal of cataracts of the eye.
**Torsional = A type of ultrasound used with the OZil handpiece that reduces repulsion, improves followability and improves thermal safety.