Canvasback has just completed another successful trip

We’re proud to say that Canvasback has just completed another successful trip to Micronesia. This time, our team returned from the beautiful island of Pohnpei where they delivered eye and dental care as well as bringing out a youth team that worked in construction and delivered an evangelistic series in the evenings. We saw many blessings as we worked with the people. Our eye doctors were able to see over 320 patients as well as handing out over 270 glasses and performing 80 surgeries. On the last day of the trip, our team decided to take some time off to relax and see the island. However, our eye doctors chose to stay at the hospital so that they could perform as many surgeries as possible. Dr. Narvaez joked that he was very “hardcore” and didn’t need a break. He said that it was a miracle to see people’s lifestyles completely changed by the surgeries they received. Not only would a blind person’s life be given back to them, but also the young child who had to lead them around would be free of this obligation, perhaps allowing them to attend school. 

Our dental team worked in the hospital but also decided to go out to the remote villages to bring care to those who couldn’t even afford the taxi ride into the clinic. Our dentist Dr. Parker stated that even though the taxi ride would only cost about five dollars, this amount was far beyond the budgets of most of the village families. The dental team did over 310 surgeries and 270 extractions. They also educated the local doctors on new techniques for doing crown and bridge procedures. This technique will save the hospital time and money by allowing them to do the procedures on sight rather than having to send them out to a lab.

The youth team worked at the church to complete a new office and Sabbath school room. During the day, they worked hard to put up the roof and complete parts of the walls. After work in the evenings, the team put on our evangelistic series aimed towards the teens. Our youth pastor Brandon Stoltz led a series called Jesus Loves Zories (flip flops in Pohnpeian) which was based after the popular series Jesus loves Jeans. The youth led out, preaching and leading the song service. They ended with a call that received four commitments to baptism and a card from almost everyone present recommitting themselves to Christ. 

If you want to know more about our trip, new pictures and articles will be posted soon. God bless. 

Written by Sterling Spence