Canvasback Youth Extreme Team - Pohnpei 2009

When Jesus was here walking among us, part of His ministry was to heal people physically while He told them about the love of God, the Father. Just before He ascended to Heaven, He directed His disciples to do the same - to go out and tell everyone about the extreme love of God for His people. That commission wasn't given only to the twelve disciples, but we today have also been given this responsibility. TheCanvasback Youth Extreme Team is made up of God-driven young people who are committed to this same purpose - to go out, help out, and speak about the love of God to their peers and to anyone who will listen! Their nightly message is simple and life-changing, that no matter how worn, torn, dirty, or broken you are, God loves you and is wanting to make you new again.Through nightly meetings of worship, small group activities, and message, the Canvasback Youth Extreme Team will help bring their peers on Pohnpei into a closer and committed relationship with God. Please pray that we will be able to minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of this very special community!

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The young missionaries have already raised a significant portion of their cost for this trip and Canvasback’s contribution is $900 for each youth. The total Canvasback has to raise is $9,000 and $3,000 has already been raised. To give a good kid a life changing mission experience, you can contribute by clicking here.