God Sightings Part II


Last week, I was finally able to put my attention to ticketing our ophthalmology, dental, building, evangelistic team to Pohnpei – that’s over 25 people. Our travel agent said that there were no more seats available for the date that we wanted and that the best group rate price Continental would give was $2,500 – $900 higher than I had budgeted for. I gave an alternate date and our agent went back to Continental. You can imagine the prayers and the sleepless nights – Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – no response back from Continental.

And then finally on Thursday, Continental came back to us with a very good group rate and all I can say is, “Thank you, Lord.” 
Our Need is a Pastor for Pohnpei

A week ago I was meeting with some of the La Sierra students who had expressed an interest in going to Pohnpei in June. We were talking about various issues such as the need for male participants for the building project. We were also talking about the challenge of evangelizing in Micronesia; that we needed to understand and show respect to the local cultures. This discussion only enforced a prompting that I had already been feeling; that we really needed a pastor who could guide, direct, and nurture the students on the team. One of the qualifications we needed was that he would already be familiar with Pohnpei.

So, just then a man came into South Hall and one of the students said, “Here’s someone who should go with us. He used to be a Student Missionary in Pohnpei.” So, of course, we start talking and guess what, he’s a pastor!

He told me he would love to go but would have to get permission from his church and his boss. Well, the long and short of it is that Pastor Branden, in just one week, was able to get permission to join the team.

What a powerful witness He will be to the students and families that he touched so many years ago. Thank you, God, for answering our prayers, for paving the way, for putting a call on Branden’s heart.

written by Jacque Spence