I can feel the excitement building

I can feel the excitement building as more and more medical personnel are calling the office every day. The anticipation is running high. We are in between trips to the Marshall Islands in January and the next one to the islands of Chuuk in May. Supplies have already been collected for the ENT team that is going to Chuuk. This tiny cluster of islands formerly known as Truk is in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean where many forgotten people struggle to survive. Canvasback has been a welcome visitor there for several decades. This time they will meet again previous patients that were given special medical assistance.

Speaking of supplies, this reminds me of a remarkable answer to prayer that involved a box that was packed for the trip to Marshall Islands in January. An important box of supplies was on its way to St. Mary's Hospital in the back of a pickup the ortho team was using, when it fell off the pickup. When they got to their destination, they discovered that it was missing. An RN on the team, Bruce Curnuck, backtracked several times over the route they had traveled to no avail. They prayed that night that the box would be found. The next day, there it was at St. Mary's Hospital. It was learned that a woman driver noticed the box beside the road. She stopped, noticed the label "St.Mary's Hospital" and decided to make a special trip there in order to return it. This confirmed a statement that Beth, Bruce's wife, had made, "It is God's trip."