The Canvasback Diabetes Wellness Clinic is the place to be

The Canvasback Diabetes Wellness Clinic in Majuro, Marshall Islands is looking great! I wish that you could see what Joe Shewchuk, a volunteer from Walla Walla, WA and our clinic administrator, Denis Yates have done to the clinic. They have expanded the rooms so that we can hold as many as 50 participants in the program. The kitchen looks like it is ready for a fancy uptown chef – it now has a Volrath stove and stainless steel counters that were donated. With this installation our kitchen works so much more efficiently.

The Marshallese people are coming to the center to eat their meals – it’s the place to be – this includes members of the Marshallese Cabinet and Nitijela (Congress) who are coming to eat the healthy food. The dining room is packed! And would you believe it – our cooks are preparing meals for the President of the Marshall islands. Every day, he sends someone to pick up his meal.

Just recently, we had an open house at the center. The staff served Marshallese soup and cornbread – and several of our participants brought healthy food they had prepared. Bob Sisters, a local Marshallese group who provided the evening’s entertainment, sang a song they had composed about how the cooks at the Wellness Center provide such great food. Marie Madison, also expressed her thanks on behalf of the all the participants. It was exciting to see how the participants who had come into the program with blood sugars in the 200-400 range, are now feeling good and doing well.