Browse our selection of carefully curated gifts, perfect for you or someone you know. Click on the item you would like to receive after making a monthly donation, and on the page that follows, select the item you would like from the drop-down menu. 




Bring 1 GB of your documents, photos, and whatever else's with you on this natural and sustainable bamboo USB drive, engraved with our logo. Click here to choose your gift.



This is a beautiful reprint of a painting done by Vernon Nye, based on one of our Canvasback doctors. Bring a part of our history into your home or office as a reminder of the beauty of Micronesia. Click here to choose your gift


These beautiful, colorful, handmade flowers are made from woven pandanus fibers and wire. Each of these flowers may look delicate, but are sturdy enough to withstand any occasion you might use them for - hairpiece, decoration, or anything else you can think of. Average diameter of each flower is 2". Colors may vary. Click here to choose your gift.


These mugs were made near the beginning of our start, in the 80's. Enjoy a tasty beverage and think of the open seas with us. We only have a few left, so get them before we run out. Click here to choose your gift.

Handcrafted Island wall decoration - $15/mo

These beautiful handcrafted wall hangings come direct from the islands. Each are made from woven pandanus leaves and embellished with seashells. No two are alike, we are showing only one as an example. The size is 18 inches in diameter. For a recurring monthly payment of $15 or more you can receive one of these unique Marshall Island wall hangings. Click here to setup your monthly donations.

Handcrafted baskets from the marshall island - $15/mo

This can be yours by setting up a monthly donation of $15 or more. We have a variety of baskets and sizes. Very durable and sturdy and will stand up well during use. Not just a decoration. Plan on using these baskets. Made from pandanus palm tree leaves.  Click here to choose your gift.