Make a donation to make a difference in the health of Micronesia! 


Your financial gift continues our work:


Canvasback Missions' work is dependent on the passion and generosity of supporters like you. Whether you have supported us before, or are thinking of supporting us, we need your help.

It is our hope that the combined efforts of our work in the United States, along with the people of Micronesia, will help to bring wholeness and a better quality of life for all communities involved.

We are so grateful for the thousands of individuals, businesses, and foundations that have been steady supporters of our work over the years!


When you donate to Canvasback Missions, your gift makes a big impact - every $1 you donate provides $4-20 worth of care. Even a relatively small donation of $25/month can do so much good in the islands. Here are some examples: 

  • $1,000 will ship the medical supplies and equipment that will enable each team to provide over $500,000 of care.

  • $100/month will bring one medical professional to the islands to provide his/her expertise.

  • $50/month will allow us to expand our programs and provide consistent service from year to year.

  • $25/month will provide the resources and care for one individual to prevent and treat their diabetes.


Please fill out the secure online donation form to pay via credit card - You can also mail in your cash or check donations. 

Your automobile or property donations can also go a long way towards providing needed health services in the islands of Micronesia. We can pick up your vehicle (depending on location), handle the DMV paperwork, and provide receipts for IRS documentation. 

Your donation is tax-deductible, and every effort is made to stretch your donation dollars. If you are interested in making an in-kind donation of vehicles, property, land, or other items, please contact us