Composed of leaders from the medical, research and business communities, Canvasback Missions’ board of directors exercises overall responsibility for the policies, programs and direction of the mission. They hold the final authority on a broad range of policy and operational matters. Members are elected for three-year terms, and are chosen based on their wisdom, work experience, and commitment to creating a better world. 

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William MacLean, PA (Chairman of the Board) - Public accountant in Seaside, Oregon. Mr. MacLean has also served as chairman of Canvasback's Fiduciary Committee. Formerly, he served as Accounting/Tax Chairman for the White House conference on small business for the State of Oregon as well as the chairman of the Sunset Parks and Recreation District for 12 years.


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James Bainer, MD - Since completing a ophthalmology residency at Loma Linda University, Dr. Bainer has practiced general ophthalmology with the Southern Calif. Permanente Medical Group, serving as chief of ophthalmology for 18 years. Since serving as a student missionary for 1 year in Asia during college, Dr. Bainer has had a love for missionary service. He has been on three previous trips to the Marshall Islands and Micronesia. 




Leonard Grado - Mr. Grado is the founder and owner of Grado Construction, Inc in Placerville, CA. He has served many times with Canvasback and has directed construction projects on the islands of Yap, Kosrae, and Majuro. 


Franklin House, MD - Dr. Franklin House has been involved with Canvasback since its beginning. His medical expertise and insight have helped to shape the mission’s direction and focus. He has served as President and Chairman of the Board at the Lifestyle Center of America, founded a community hospital and a long-term care company in Texas, co-authored The 30-day Diabetes Miracle, and sailed across the sea on the Canvasback catamaran.




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John Anholm, Retired Engineer has a life long dedication to missionary work. Grew up as a missionary kid and continues his passion with Canvasback Missions. He has volunteered as a mission team member for several years. His get-things-done attitude has been a real asset to the teams. We expect to see this same selfless attitude during his service as a board member.


Janet Burki - Former GE executive with corporate skills and a missionary heart. Her passion for efficiency and organization has been a valuable asset for many teams. Her knowledge of the island gain through many years of working in the Marshall Islands has helped many mission trips.



Alex Hirata - Alex has served in the Canvasback organization for many years. He was Student Missionary in Yap during his high school years. The experience impacted his life that he continues to serve as a missionary while still being able to use his master’s degree in International Affairs working with ADRA.


Jacqueline Spence - As well as being a founder, Executive Vice President, and Corporate Secretary Treasurer of Canvasback Missions, Inc. Mrs. Spence is also a licensed captain and a clinic coordinator.



Jamie Spence - Jamie is a founder and President of Canvasback Missions, Inc. Former financial employee for City of Berkeley and City of Alameda, California. Mr. Spence led conceptualization, planning, organization and financial development of the organization. He is a licensed captain and also served as primary skipper aboard the medical vessel, Canvasback.